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The Light of the Koran, Flore Descieux


Image of The Light of the Koran, Flore Descieux

Saints and Mystics like Ibn Arabi Rumi, Semnani spoke in great detail about konwledge of the self being the Essence of Islam and the Koran but very few understood their message, perhaps because they could not transmit their experience of the spirit to others. The higher knowledge of the Koran is unveiled in which 'Jihad' is the "Conquest of the Self"m the 'mujahid' is an instrument of love and compassion and the 'Umma' is the collective consciousness which embraces men and women of all nations, all races and all religions.

Year: 1997
Published by: La Pensée Universelle
First Edition: 1995
Pages: 382
Language: English